It’s been said that “all politics is local.” So, we’re happy to share some of the local political marketing ads we’ve run.

It’s also been said that our program is the most effective way to make an impact in your market. We like that and we want to help you make an impact too.

Sometimes it’s safer and easier to say what needs to be said anonymously. This is why we exist.

We’re keen to promote national political issues because what you have to say is more important than ever – and it’s your right and responsibility. However, we choose to keep most of the national political messages off our website.

We are happy to make custom messages/ads! Visit our Custom page for more information. We can use your artwork with your indemnification (you have to own the image). It is our pleasure to assist you to ensure your message is spot-on and that the right people see it.

Our commercial department can target your ads to large groups of individuals based on their political party, age, race, net worth, HHI, or gender, etc. For more information, please write us at sentbyafriend.com@gmail.com.

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