You’re likely here because a friend sent you a digital message.  It’s nice to have friends who care about you.

Regardless of the message, be grateful.  It shows whoever they may be, you are important to them.

Or, maybe you’d like to send an anonymous message to someone who is important to you. 

You’ve come to the right place.

We will use our satellites and over 30,000 business partners to beam down your digital message to appear on your friend’s cell phone, laptop, pc or tablet.  Plus, we’ll also anonymously send 8 emails to your friend to further ensure they get your message.

Even better, they will never know who sent it.  It is, after all,

Mum’s the word!

You may choose from any of our premade ‘digital cards’ or create your own custom message.

To whom will you send an anonymous message?

Why should you send an anonymous message? is about sharing private and anonymous thoughts to reinforce relationships and/or save relationships.  It may be a fun random thought, something your friend needs to hear, motivational, or an anonymous way to communicate your personal feelings.  We use satellites to beam your message down to the address you’ve specified.  And, to ensure they receive your message we’ll also email your friend.

The satellite message runs alongside other ads.  It clicks back to this page with no reference to the friend who paid for the message.  You remain anonymous.

We’ll also email your friend from to ensure they see your message when they open their email. leverages GPS, artificial intelligence, satellite technologies and email to deliver your messages.  Your friend will see your message when they go online and visit any of our over 30,000 participating apps and websites, as well as when we email them.

Please follow the golden rule: reserves the right to reject any digital messaging.  Custom messages will be rejected if they use inappropriate language, are too aggressive, are in poor taste or sexual, reference guns, could be perceived as bullying, or in any way possibly hurtful.  Reasonable quotes and polite politics are encouraged. does not adopt or endorse the views of any individuals or groups that we serve. We are politically agnostic.