How it works

1. You select a message

2. Add it to your cart

3. Tell us the addresses

4. Check out!

We will deliver your digital message to your friend when they visit one of our >29,000 website and app partners online.

And, as a special free bonus, we’ll email your message to your friend from twice a day for four days.   

It’s fun and easy to share what you’ve always wanted to say.

And it’s entirely private.

The small print

We send messages to private residences.  Our golden rule standards are based on who may be in the residence including children. 

The message size is 300×250, max 200kb.  They will be delivered on mobile phones, desktops, PCs and tablets.  The size your friend sees is dependent upon the device.  Over 250 messages will be delivered to the property you specify, in addition to two emails a day for four days.  You must include your friend’s email if you want to send emails to them.  

Sending messages to an apartment building means anyone in the apartment building may see your message.  We highly suggest that you not target an apartment building.

We can send messages to townhouses, but you should assume that their next door neighbor will read the message too; satellites are not always directly overhead.  Do not flame those who do not deserve it. Again, the highest standards will prevail

Delivering the message is dependent upon your friend being online.  If they’re never online then they’ll never have the opportunity to see your digital message.  Of course, they should see your email messages as they’re sent individually (not bulk).    

We have a commercial department if you want to target larger groups of individuals.  For example:

  • Church leaders may want to reiterate their sermon through the week.

  • Boutique owners may want to share happy thoughts with those who are staying with them.

  • Business owners should target locations where their best prospects may be.

Custom messages may include your logo, name, or image that you own.