May I write anything I want?

No. is family friendly.  We will decline any copy that may be offensive.  We have high standards for friends.  So, nothing sexual, no bullying, no swear words, no mean-spirited insults, etc.  Follow the golden rule.

Is politics off limits?

No.  But, remember the golden rule.  Remember too that our standards are high and we reserve the right to decline an order. 

Are quotes allowed?

Yes, as long as they’re accurate, in good taste, and follow our other rules.

May I add an image as a background to a custom message?

Yes, and it’s a great idea.  Nothing will surprise your friend more than seeing you smiling at them when they go online!  You must own the image, and you promise by ordering to indemnify regarding any copywrite or ownership issues.

How many words can my message be?

The copy starts to get small after 100 words.  We’ve added a test message on the Custom page with the number of words for your reference.

If you decline my custom order because it’s not up to your standards, do I get all my money back?

No. We keep a 25% ‘please be polite’ cancellation fee.